Shipping Policy

Where does Best Maine Lobster ship?

At Best Maine Lobster, we ship all products to the address submitted and, therefore, validated by you, the customer. No refund or reshipment will be issued if: 

  • an undeliverable or incorrect address is submitted.
  • you shipped to a closed business. 

Where is Best Maine Lobster unable to ship?

  • to a post office box.
  • to Hawaii or Alaska.
  • to any location internationally.
  • to any location to which UPS is unable to provide next-day delivery.

Is a signature required?

  • All shipments that are delivered to a business require a signature.
  • By ordering from Best Maine Lobster, you agree that your shipment will require no signature and will be left in a safe location closest to the first access point of the residence

What if the recipient is not home? 

In the event, you, the customer, are not available to receive the package or packages, we reserve the right to refuse any refund or reshipment. If you are shipping to a third party, it is your responsibility to notify the recipient of all terms listed on this page.

Are Saturday deliveries possible?

Yes, if next day Saturday UPS delivery is available in your area. That will be determined by the zip code  to which the package is being shipped. You will be notified if a Saturday delivery is unavailable. 

What if your package is delivered, and something happens after it is left at the address?

Best Maine Lobster does not assume responsibility for the package as all shipments are sent with a Shipper Release clause, meaning that as long as the driver feels comfortable leaving the package at the delivery address they will, without requiring a signature. Without such a clause, our shipments might not be received within the timely manner consistent with the perishable nature of our products.

What if the recipient of a package refuses or denies delivery for any reason? 

No refund can be given. With no exception, a recipient is required to receive the delivery even if it is late, the package is damaged or the contents are spoiled. Refusal to accept forfeits any refund or credit that may otherwise be available. 

How set are delivery times? 

We do our best to offer estimated delivery times from our shippers strictly as a convenience to our customers. Those estimated times cannot be guaranteed and are based on the average delivery time to a specific area. We ship our packages with the highest possible levels of service. Be aware that end of day services are approximately 10:00pm. If Shipping Protection was agreed to at the time of order, packages delivered after that time on the scheduled delivery date would qualify for a late package claim. 

What is Shipping Protection and why is it so highly recommended?

Once a package is the possession of the shipping provider, Best Maine Lobster cannot take responsibility for any issues encountered during transit. That explains why the option for shipping protection is included in all orders unless you, the customer, choose to remove this valuable asset during the checkout process. This service covers your package if for any reason a delay is experienced while in transit with our shipping providers. Delays can happen for a variety of very real reasons including sorting issues, mechanical issues, flight delays, etc. (Unfortunately, Shipping Protection cannot be applied against severe weather or other “acts of God.”)

We strongly suggest adding Shipping Protection. Understanding that the aforementioned events are out of the control of all parties involved, we offer worry-free protection which would provide 100% Best Maine Lobster credit in the event that the shipment is affected by any of these conditions and unable to be delivered on the scheduled delivery date. Should you choose to remove Shipping Protection at time of order, Best Maine Lobster cannot take responsibility for any issues encountered during transit. 

Can a package be tracked? 

After an order is placed, a tracking number will be generated on the ship date by UPS and sent to you, the person who placed the order, via email. This tracking number can be used to review the status of your shipment when it is actually in transit, having left our Maine facility. 

Can a shipment be modified?  

An order can be modified prior to 12pm EST (9am PST) on the shipment date.