Trav’s Louisiana Lobster Tacos

When Chef Ben made this for his buddy, Travis, Taco Tuesdays at his house changed forever. It doesn’t get any more flavorful than combining the flavors of Maine, Louisiana and Mexico. Best Maine a way few people have ever experienced. 

Chef Ben’s Lobster Fra Diavolo

When you’re around Ben, the action always heats up. So does this incredible pasta dish from the man himself! Spicy or spicier, you decide. This recipe’s been in his family for decades, although Ben has added a few of his signature twists to it. Ironic that Fra Diablo translate to Brother Devil. You’ll have to ask his siblings about that.  

Kathleen’s Lobster Tzatziki Cucumber Bites

Leave it to Kathleen to create your new favorite appetizer. Chef Ben knows. Kathleen strongly believes that light is right...whether it’s the first course of your meal or the perfect party pass-around favorite. If it makes it around the entire party before it’s all gone…

Summer’s Lobster Scampi 

Chef Ben’s sister has perfected this simple scampi dish certain to be a family Friday night favorite. Summer serves her lobster scampi over angel hair pasta cooked al dente. Who could disagree?

Sean’s New England Lobster Tots 

A New England native with a hearty appetite and a creative mind, Sean likes to turn the tame into the terrific. He gave Chef Ben the kind of  recipe you don’t come across very often. An insane take on the normally mundane.

Baltimore Dru’s  Old Bay and Garlic Lobster Saute

When Chef Ben lived in Maryland, he quickly learned Old Bay seasoning makes everything better, including fresh lobster meat. His old college buddy Drew contributed this simple, but savory recipe.  

Freakishly Good Family Fried Rice with Lobster                                                           

Chef Ben explains this is one dish his entire family wants all the time. C’mon, who doesn’t love homemade fried rice? And who isn’t blown away by taking fried rice to a whole new level? Some of us prefer it with short grain brown rice. It’s a winner, either way!

Pop’s Lobster Newburg

Chef Ben’s Dad loved his years in Maine as much as he does this delectable lobster dish. Hard to go wrong with these ingredients. The old guys prefers serving it over toast points. Chef Ben likes it over rice. You decide!

Blake’s Take on the Ultimate Lobster Roll BLT

As you well know, Chef Ben loves cooking. His brother Blake...not so much. But when they were young kids living on the coast of Maine, Blake learned a new twist on traditional lobster rolls that is certainly worth sharing.  

Aunt Angela’s Lobster Lasagna

Chef Ben’s great aunt was great at a lot of things. Born near Naples Italy, she was an accomplished opera singer who performed at both La Scala and Yankee Stadium. Ben remembers that her Lobster Lasagna got equally rave reviews.

Grandma Molly’s Lobster, Lemon and Garlic Spaghetti 

One of America’s first female pharmacists, Chef Ben’s grandmother preferred her time away from the kitchen...unless the recipe included fresh garlic, imported virgin olive oil and pasta. Can you blame her?

Momma V’s Lobster Cocktail with a Kick

When it comes to lobster, Chef Ben’s Mom could eat it seven days a week. Until Best Maine Lobster arrived on the scene, lobster meals were only memories from the decade she spent loving life in the Pine Tree State. Vicki likes simple, a little spicy and delicious, the perfect description of this cocktail sauce recipe passed on to her from her mother. 

Geo’s Lobster Fettucini Alfredo

Chef Ben and Geo like competing on the golf course...and in the kitchen. This concoction will give any of Ben’s meals a run for his money. Fresh pasta, freshly grated cheese and fresh lobster can this be anything but fabulous? 

Annie’s Asian Lobster Stir Fry

No matter the challenge, Annie’s always right there for Chef Ben. Creative and fun, Annie’s version of a traditional seafood stir fry has certainly made it onto Ben’s short list. You’ll be adding it to yours any day now.

Alvaro’s Portuguese Lobster Stew

Chef Ben stole this from an old friend with Portuguese roots and decades of living on the coast of New England. Combining Portuguese linguica sausage and Best Maine Lobster meat creates a magical dish that can be enjoyed year round.