Classic Lobster Roll Meal for 4

$119.00 combo price

We’ve got you cutting corners here. Each Best Maine Lobster roll boasts a full quarter pound of sweet claw and knuckle meat ready to be enveloped by a fresh split-style roll. Real mayo. Real butter. And oversized portions of Maine’s best potato chips. And yes, whoopie pies for everyone! That’s a meal for 4 worth shouting about! It’s like a trip to a Bar Harbor lobster pound...without leaving your kitchen!


The Best Maine Lobster Meat (Claw and Knuckle Meat)      

New England Split-style Rolls                                              

Kate’s Homemade Maine Butter                         

Miniature Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Jar



Fox Family Maine Potato Chips      
4 Whoopie Pies       
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Classic Lobster Roll Meal for 4

Best Maine Lobster Meat

The best lobster rolls on the planet require the freshest, sweetest Maine claw and knuckle lobster meat available. From our traps to your kitchen in a flash, you’ll taste the difference from the very first bite. And we give you a full quarter pound of lobster meat per lobster roll, because anything less is less than you deserve.

New England Split-style Rolls

If you’ve never had a New England split-top frankfurt roll, you’ve never really had a lobster roll. Fresh-baked, wholesome and delicious, they are design built to accept the best Maine lobster meat and just the right amount of mayo. Mainers loved the sides grilled with a little Kate’s Homemade Butter first. Wow!

Kate’s Homemade Butter

All butters are not the same, as you’ll soon discover for yourself. Kate’s Homemade Butter is still made the old-fashioned way, the butter is churned slowly in small batches with no artificial anything. Creamy, delicate, yet flavorful, the Patry family takes pride in sharing their piece of Maine with the rest of the country.

Miniature Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Jar

Yes, your new little bottle of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise will likely prompt you to want to take your first-ever mayo selfie! We get it. But what you get is the perfect compliment to sweet Maine lobster, America’s #1 mayonnaise made only with real simple ingredients.

Fox Family Potato Chips

Fox Family Potato Chips truly are “potato chips that taste the way Mother Nature intended.” The Fox Family has been in the Maine potato business since the 1800’s; that heritage is evident in every last chip in these oversized individual serving bags. Transfat-free with no artificial colors, ingredients or preservatives, they are still made by hand from 100% Maine potatoes.

Whoopie Pies

Our take on this New England classic dessert will literally have you screamin’! Creating the perfect whoopie pie takes love...and the ideal marriage of delicate chocolate cake and a sweet vanilla frosting filling. It’s “happiness in your hand” and the ideal end to a spectacular Maine-event meal. Whoopie!